Art And Life
Hannah Weinberger,




Hannah Weinberger
Mixed Media Installation with the participation of different musicians.

Art and Life is a newly commissioned piece from Basel-based artist Hannah Weinberber. Situated at Helsinkistrasse 5, the Dreispitz Halle is a 1,500 square meter industrial space which reveals the Dreispitz area’s nature as a transport and industrial area while also embodying the new possibilities these spaces present to host art and cultural activities. It is no simple task to exhibit a piece in such a space. Hannah Weinberger’s work always “listens” to the space in order to imagine a way of activating a new relationship between work and audience. Sound has long been a defining element of her work. Sound, not only as something emitted in a particular space, but, as in this case, as part of what one might call the possibility of a “social concert”. Using light and video technology to intervene in the atmosphere of the Halle, Hannah conceived of a jam session open to all those that like, and, often, need, to perform in the streets. The Dreispitz Halle is turned into a sort of musical Parliament where different musicians play in a spontaneous yet choreographed way. The work is a new piece by Hannah Weinberger yet it also embraces all the musical performers as contributors to the work and to her idea of a common social space. In a simple manner, the artist addresses here very complex questions, such as How do we conceive of professionalism? or, Is the street made for music? Street performance has an ancient history and occurs worldwide. The term used in English, to “busk”, or perform in a public space, was coined in the early 19th century, taken from the Spanish word buscar, to seek. In other words, to play music in the street means to look for: audience, money, hospitality, food… Though a common practice before the advent of recording, it has suffered from the digital turn. The street has been replaced in large part by digital platforms like YouTube and, with strict sound ordinances appearing in many cities, the practice has attained a different character and function than it had in the past.

The work of Hannah Weinberger acts as a huge concert played for us which also has us as performers. The circulation of the musicians in the large Dreispitz Halle space intersects with that of the audience, letting us dance among the players. The artist explores here how “we” are not divided into performers and listeners but are all receptors of multiple relations. In being part of this particular concert we all become conscious of aesthetic, social and cultural relationships in continuous flux.

Art and Life, has been curated by Chus Martínez, head of the Institut Kunst.

Hannah Weinberger, Art and Life, 2014
Mixed Media Installation with the participation of different musicians.
This performance took place during the afternoon of the 23rd of October of 2014, in the context of the official opening of the Campus der Künste der FHNW.
Dreispitzhalle, Helsinki-Strasse 5, 4053 Münchenstein

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