Mara Miccichè, 2013


Interaktive Installation


What happens if you turn world off and listen, to SILENCE? Definition describes silence as complete absence of sound and movement. But, experience and meaning are subjective.

4 persons with different backgrounds, geographically and culturally, were asked to describe their personal SILENCE. In a close collaboration between IOKOI and the italian designer Matteo Vilardo (TheSignStudio Milan) the 4 definitions were translated into shape and sound. Through a mirrored surface the viewer will not only become part of the installation through his own reflection and experience a subjective definition, but hopefully be inspired to turn world off and think about his very own definition of SILENCE.

RESET IN/TO SILENCE is an interactive installation by IOKOI for Stadtsommer 2013 taking place at Botanischer Garten Zürich, from jul26 to aug02. To end the installation IOKOI played a concert on friday, august2 2013.

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