Scarf 'Willow-Wren' for Fabric Frontline, SS 2015
Claudia Meythaler, 2014


Illustration (Ink); Textile Design


  • Myriam Kaelin, Head of Design, Product Management and Sourcing @ Fabric Frontline
  • Margit Feurer,


The Grimm novel of the wren and the bear represents a somewhat military constellation in which the four-legged animals battle against flying animals. After the bear rudely insults the wren's children a war is stated between the four-legged and flight animals. The clever hornet repeatedly stings the fox in its tail until he is forced to lower it. This being the secret sign for retreat, the four legged animals accidentally escape. However, peace will only be granted once the bear has apologized personally to the wren. (From 'Tell a Tale' by Fabric Frontline)

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