The Hidden Dark
Magdalena Diana Drozd, June 2019


Sound Installation


The Hidden Dark, sound piece, speakers, mp3 players with headphones, 14 Min.

For the exhibition «Hallo Hannah» at Shedhalle Zürich I created a sound piece that was installed in the space on four speakers an was played every hour. Additional four mp3 players with a loop of the piece were available for the audience. The audience was free to move with the headphones through the exhibition and experience it in a moving way. The starting point of the process were collages by the Dada Artist Hannah Höch that were given to each artist participating in the exhibtion.
I developed a collage that is created with field recordings that I recorded in the working space of the Shedhalle and its surroundings. As the process was also part of the exhibition and the artists were working all together in the exhibition space, the material is containing in a way also pieces of the other works, the movements of the space and the traces of my own body. Through editing, layering, sampling, composing, accelerating, transforming, pitching and other audio technics I created a collage of the space that is looking under the surface of the objects in the space and is opening up a new dimension for the audience.

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