(de)colonise the 1923 Lausanne Peace Treaty Table
Nistiman Erdede, 2010-.... (Work in Progress )


(de)colonial art activism , participation gruppe Exhibitions,text productions


Nistiman Erdedes participation at the Decolonial Summer School Middleburg/Netherland 2016 on Stolen Memories: Museums, Slavery and ( De) Coloniality was a success story for all sides. Thanks to privat sponsores Nistiman was able to join the course and to develop a distinguished topic to work on in the future. His text entitled A Letter to a Friend/(De)Colonise the Table reveals a personal recollection of individual experience, collective memories, historical facts, and explicit spaces inbetween. it is a promising starting point for further research and action. Since 2010 Nistiman is working individually and collaboratively on the topic of the replacement of this symbolic table

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