Games in Concert
Simon Peter Pfaff, January 2016 - Ongoing


Research Project, VR, Computer Supported Collaborative Work


  • Olav Lervik, Konzeption, Programming, Sound Design
  • Reto Spoerri, Konzeption, Programming, Network Design
  • Martin Neukom, Konzeption, PI


The Games in Concert project explores the possibilities and possible implications of collaborative artistic creation of music in virtual reality. Therefor a multiuser VR environment and three virtual instruments have been designed to create and shape sound in various ways. The musicians are thus able to freely roam and fill the environment with sounds and music using these instruments.
• Paint: The artist can literally paint music in the 3d space. Parameters such as position, size, colour and materiality of the strokes are translated into sound.
• Trees: The artist can add and sculpt sounding objects in the 3d space. Parameters such as position, shape, size, colour and materiality of the objects are translated into sound.
• Keys: An external input device was used to explore the possibility of non VR instruments being incorporated and visualized in the VR space.
Additionally, a stage setup has been implemented to explore the impact of a VR-concert on an audience. As the artistic content is being embedded within the virtual environment by the musicians, the spectator can independently explore the work created by the musicians from his/her own perspective. Alternatively, one can directly observe what the artists are creating in real-time. Standing on stage with them in a manner of speaking.
For presenting the spectacle in a more classical, manner we introduced the “Game Jockey”. Acting as the link between artists and the public, his in-game view and hearing are rendered on a large screen and multiple speakers, providing a visual experience with surround sound.

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