06.03.2020 - 24.04.2020
Looking for a Summer Internship?

Future.preneurship connects 20-30 year olds with young companies and start-ups for a summer internship. Applications now open until 24 April.

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The programme that connects students with young companies for a summer internship, Future.preneurship, is open for applications from 2 March until 24 April. Future.preneurship has two components: a job opportunity with hand-picked startups and companies; a weekly training academy exploring the essentials of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Full details are available here:

You’re encouraged to apply, in the last years ZHdK students have been successful in entering this programme. The programme begins in June.

For more details contact Philipp Kotsopoulos, Head of Z-Kubator,, 041 43 446 20 65.

Future.preneurship is a partner organisation of the Z-Kubator at ZHdK.