GRiNM: The Gender Relations in New Music Network Conference 2019: Experiences with Gender and Diversity in New Music
Toni-Areal, Aktionsraum, Ebene 5, Pfingstweidstrasse 96, Zürich

The GRINM Network Conference 2019 will bring together a variety of initiatives focusing on diversity and gender issues in contemporary music in Europe.

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In the course of our activism, we have seen both how such initiatives are crucial to the continued existence of the field, and how large-scale projects in schools, universities, music venues, and festivals are already underway. Despite this wealth of knowledge and experience, there has until now been little examination of the goals or results of these projects, something we now intend to change. The focus of our conference will thus be on bringing together people already working in this field to share their outcomes, experiences, and insights. Through keynotes, music, presentations, and most of all through discussion, our goal is to contribute to establishing a discourse around these issues across the contemporary music community.

Further information: CONFERENCE.GRiNM.ORG

The conference is free but please register here: