13.05.2019 - 01.09.2019
Can you draw in 3D? Perspective renderings made easy

The online course offers you the tools you need to draw rooms and room bodies convincingly by hand.

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Equipped with only a pencil and a sheet of paper, you will watch our tutorials with a selection of freehand sketching methods. They will enable you to develop architectural and spatial drawings that are correct in terms of their perspective. The drawing methods mediated in this course are suited for quick but coherent spatial hand sketches as well as exact architectural visualizations.

You will practice your skills with theoretical and nuts-and-bolts tutorials and develop your spatial sense and imagination.
With these methods, you can design an accurate-perspective 3D rendering of any indoor or outdoor space on demand. This can be helpful professionally if you do not have a digital device with a 3D program handy. You can apply the methods in the field of illustration, architectural visualizations or 3D art projects.

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