13.05.2019 - 31.01.2020
Vocabularies of Resilient Art Practice (VORAP)

Culture in a globalized context is an overriding topic of our times and influences our actions, interactions and reactions fundamentally. How do we cope with new influences, with heritage, migration and cultural identity in a context of changing political, socioeconomic, cultural, technological and religious conditions?

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“Vocabularies of Resilient Art Practice” (VORAP) investigates new approaches on how to deal with culture in constantly shifting environments. Structured in several chapters, the online course presents a library of interviews with cultural practitioners working internationally and in a global context.

We invite you to join Michael Schindhelm on this journey, meeting editors, publishers, curators and artists on site in bustling museums, busy offices and cafés or public places. Additional material on each interview allows further insight, and contextualizes the interviews. The different case studies enable you to gain a broader knowledge of new trends and developments in the fields of culture, art, cultural policy and how new technology can be a game changer for the arts.
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