Digital Power Panel - Building bridges to counter-act systems of oppresion

06.11.2020 - 06.11.2020

Digital - VideoMeeting

The DN20 Panel Talk will tackle the topic of «Power». To understand the distribution of power, it is essential to learn about different perspectives.
From 5:30 PM on we warmly welcome you in our digital room. At 6:00 PM we will start with the programme. We invited Angela Addo, who will talk about an intersectional future, power and how these words play into our politics. Bevor that you will hear about Stefan Kaegi and his practice with Rimini Protokoll. After a discussion round we will hear Kishan San who is talking about his work at Forensic Architecture. Where he is using knowledge and tools from architecture to demystify state and corporate violence. And at the end, Arathy Pathmanathan will give as insights in her newes film project, where she dealt with the different faces of racism in Switzerland.

We will stream all talks from DN20 live to your living room. We will meet from Basel, London, Berlin, Zurich and wherever you are – with many analogue and digital surprises, engaging discussions and a common apéro.