01.10.2020 - 31.01.2020

Designing Circularity in the Built Environment
We believe: Circular societies are the key to sustainable solutions for the numerous challenges cities face today and in the future. The 2021 Hans Sauer Award “Circular Cities” therefore focuses on the societal aspects of circularity.
The Hans Sauer Foundation is searching for new ways of cross-sector cooperation to transform cities of today into circular societies of tomorrow.
And we need everybody – public authorities, citizens, businesses, civil society initiatives, and non-profit organizations. Let us make the vision of circular societies a reality!

The competition is open to municipalities, non-public organizations and initiatives, academic institutions, start-ups, and civil society groups. We welcome everybody mentioned above to hand in their ideas, strategies, or best practice examples for circular city projects. Cross-sectoral collaborations are viewed particularly favorable. Application requires at least two partners or partner organizations. Only applicants from Europe are permitted. The award language is English.

For more information, check out the attached PDF or our website: